Mykola Tetiuk. Singer. Vocal coach

My Strengths

Language-oriented Approach

I sing in German for German-speaking listeners and Italian songs for the Italian audience. Grasping the sense of a word by the singer is extremely important for native speakers, who follow the text. 

Scientific Approach

As a scholar, I developed my approach to the interpretation of the music that allows me to lead the piano-vocal duo as a conscious artist.

Singing Technique

I took many lessons from the best pedagogues I could reach. I am glad to have my singing technique at a high level.

I Create

My performance is the integrity of expression. I combine the sound and movement clung to the text and music.

I am a Vocal Coach

My teaching methods are based on knowledge of psychology and physiology. This is why my students learn fast.

I Perform Contemporary Pieces

The pieces that never before were performed give me the freedom of choice, being unbound from the comparison to the past performers. Aso, this lays responsibility before the living author of the piece.

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